CRISPY: Vegetable Meringues

We received at Instock yesterday 200 halloween pumpkins.  So of course this was a great chance to explore the pumpkin and see what techniques were a good fit!  Turns out a there are many.

Dessert: Pumpkin brûlée, pumpkin olive oil cake, pâte brisée, VOC spiced cream, pumpkin meringue crisps

The key ingredient here is egg white powder, sounds horrible right?  But it makes sense.  The intention is to add water to reconstitute the egg white, but the opportunity for us cooks is to swap that out for something more flavourful.  Try it with anything.  Here I used pumpkin juice, reduced it by half, skimming the scum as I went.

I read a very cool article about desserts at Noma the other day, so I played with a less sweet dessert, adding a little salt and citric acid here and there.  The pastry crust (brisée) went a little too far in the pizza oven giving a slight bitterness.


250g fruit or vegetable juice, cold

50g sugar / isomalt / glucose / honey

30g egg white powder

citric acid to taste?

salt to taste?


The most important thing here is the ratio of cold juice to egg white powder.  What’s really cool is you can whip this up with little to no sugar.  Good for starters and other savoury dishes.

Dry blend your powders, whisk into cold liquid.  Hydrate for an hour covered in the fridge.   Transfer to your kitchenaid type device, whip until stiff.  I spread it out thin on silicone mats and baked at 110C for about an hour, but you can do anything you like. It does behave slightly differently so be careful.  It colours faster too.

Something we’re trying tomorrow…  When you make your juice for the meringue, dehydrate the pulp.  24-48 hours on 60C and blend to a power, then dust over your meringues.  Beetroot looks super good.