CHEWY: Beetroot Mochi

Starter: Beetroot mochi, soy gel, pickled apple, smoked gomasio

Mochi is a very popular dessert through asia, they can be filled, like the Japanese daifuku, the chinese have a black sesame version they eat for the new year.  It’s based on glutenous rice flour and water, not at all sweet, but quite often served with a super sweet syrup or filling.  Every recipe is flexible if you know how so here I’m experimenting with vegetable juice again.  And I’m adding a little salt and glucose to make it a bit more interesting…


100g flavourful liquid, here beetroot juice reduced from 200g and skimmed

100g glutenous rice flour

25g glucose / honey

1g salt


When you’re reducing your liquid, dissolve the sweetener and salt, skim and chill.  Then mix into your rice flour.  knead a little by hand and portion out little balls.  Boil some water (you can also flavour this too…) Roll your balls, boil them gently until they float.  Refresh in ice water, drain and reserve for later use.  The flavour is subtle but the colour and texture are really great!  Have a play!